This is SoWhat?

What is SoWhat? It never fails, whenever you tell someone that you are in a band their first question is “So,What’s the name of your band?” Perhaps days or weeks later, one might be asking oneself, “So, What was the name of that band?” There you go question and answer all - in - one. Or maybe it's because of all the loud music we've listened to over the years and we are always asking “What?" SoWhat? is five guys having some serious fun!

About SoWhat?

SoWhat is:

P.J. Anderson (Ephrata, Wa) on keyboard,

Curt Erickson (Kingston, Wa) on bass,

Bill Bliven (Snoqualmie, Wa) on saxes,

Frank Bliven (Kamloops, B.C.) on guitar,

Bill McGuire (Moses Lake, Wa) on drums.


Book SoWhat?

We are open for gigs in summer (2017).

Some of the SoWhat? members play for free!

Contact: Bill McGuire


SoWhat Gigs?

June 22th at The Bristro (Moses Lake, Wa.)

August 5th &/or 6th at Moses Pointe (Moses Lake, Wa.)

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Bill McGuire:

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